Reviewing corporate finance structure in order to complement the organization's growth strategy and enhancing stakeholder's valuation


India, a transition economy has undergone several structural reforms and Indian financial system is undergoing a paradigm shift. With an increased focus on transparency and disclosure requirements, the regulatory bodies like RBI and SEBI need to play a more proactive role in boosting confidence in the Indian capital market because our banking system is already staring at the huge burden of NPAs. The reason why investors put funds into a business is to receive returns that are better than the returns that they may receive from alternative investments.

The future of corporate finance is evolving, and new technologies come up every day, so it is necessary that finance executives have to re-model and transform their daily operations for them to be more productive and adoptive. Hence, Inventicon's first edition of Corporate Finance Summit 2019 will offer an exclusive platform for finance leaders and experts to get together to discuss latest trends, innovative technologies in corporate finance and will help the professionals to understand the mechanics and strategies behind the different type of corporate financing activities and overcome the common industry hurdles.



  • Corporate Finance structure in India - Going through the changing composition and its implications
  • Role of governance in corporate finance - Relationship between corporate governance and organizational performance
  • Cash flow and working capital management - Increase cash focus
  • Capital market 2020 - Role of international capital market in Indian market
  • The role of institutional investors in corporate governance - The incentive to increase value of firm
  • The future of digital finance and accounting and what it means for your organization


Industry Professionals from the following functional roles:

    • CFO's
    • Finance Directors
    • Finance Managers
    • FP&A Professionals
    • Treasury Directors
    • Budgets & Controlling
    • Forecasting & Revenue Analytics
    • Company Secretaries
    • M&A Professionals
    • Banking Professions
    • Business Strategy Directors
    • Managing Directors


  • Will enable to outline the framework of corporate finance and its link with financial strategy
  • Increase the accuracy of forecasting to improve decision making
  • You will be better equipped to analyze capital investment
  • Get hands-on solutions and tools for your day to day finance function
  • Identify the key factor, investment opportunities and threats within your organization and preparing you for future challenges

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